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The next meetup topic is Docker monitoring.

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Big Monitoring Meetup

is an opportunity to meet and talk to people who are involved and who just learn about modern monitoring and management systems. Listen for other people expiriance, tell them about yours, discuss news and trends, communicate with like-minded people, partners and colleagues.

The main topics of the conference:

  • monitoring systems for specific tasks and industries
  • personal experience in monitoring systems managing
  • infrastructure and business in terms of monitoring
  • monitoring and management in IoT and IIoT eras
  • monitoring and ML / AI - new possibilities
  • visualization of infrastructure and business processes
  • information security

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Cvetochnaya-19, Selectel Data-Center

Video from meetup on the YouTube


  1. Konstantin Mikhailov, SAYMON: Review of monitoring systems for various tasks
  2. Victor Isaev, SAYMON: the topic of the report is to be specified
  3. Alexander Zobnin, Grafana: Grafana. Democratizing the metrics
  4. Ilya Ableev, Badoo: Zabbix in Badoo: the obvious and incredible
  5. Vladimir Luss, ex-Tensor: the topic of the report is to be specified (Zabbix)
  6. Alexey Ivanov, Dropbox: Practical Experience of Monitoring Distributed Systems
  7. Igor Bliznyukov, Thingenix: Monitoring the physical world by IoT
  8. Pavel Kurochkin, General RnD: the topic of the report is to be specified

You are welcome to be the speaker

Your speech at the conference is an opportunity to talk about the experience, product, company, community and innovations to existing and potential customers, partners and shipmates.

Contact us the way you like:
+7 905 276 92 08 | E-mail | Telegram | Facebook

Sponsors are welcome

Big Monitoring Meetup is the conference that will join more than 120 representatives of the ICT industry and business interested in. We gonna talk and network. Modern monitoring and management tools usage and business influance are the topics. The meeting will be held in one of the largest data centers in St. Petersburg - Selectel. For participants from other cities and countries we will stream video online.

Contact us for details:
+7 905 276 92 08 | E-mail | Telegram | Facebook


    Big Monitoring Meetup

    2017, 14 July

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